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Show related products below to give the customers a variety for buying products.
Show Related Products
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A brief into the Show related products app

It is always a great idea to showcase your wide range of products to visitors so that they can have a look at similar products. Chances are that they will also like the product they see in the related products section and end up buying both. Or if they don’t like the product, they can choose from the related products and buy something from that section. 

You can create multiple categories of related products which you can display under similar products. This app has a simple user interface and is best for engaging customers.

What makes ‘Show related products app’ suitable for your store?

Show related products app is a very useful tool when it comes to giving your customers options at the time of product hunting. You never know what product the customer is going to buy, so it’s better to play safe and display a huge range of related products. 

You have the right to build a collection of products to be displayed and they can either be similar products or the products visited by the customer earlier.



  • $ Best Products
  • Build User Engagement
  • Simple User Interface
Frequently Asked Questions

You can display as many products as you want, but at a time only 4 products will be visible to the customer.

All the related products will be displayed wherever you want them to be displayed.

Yes, you can replace the product with new ones anytime.

No, this app is only for products. As the name suggests, you can only show related products underneath a product.

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