Store Rebuild/Redesign

Store migration
We know that seamless migration is only one of the key activities when it comes to migration. The other activities include the secure transfer of your data from your products to customers and everything in between, preserving your SEO rank, maintaining the flow order as it was on the previous platform, and many more. 

It is a wise decision to migrate to Shopify as it is the most reliable e-commerce platform.
Transferring from one platform to another can be a challenging task, but not for us. We as a team of highly experienced developers gained specialization in e-commerce migration, especially with Shopify. Be convinced of a remarkable service and a fully operable site while working with Shopify and TechInfini.

-Custom Shopify Theme

Shopify theme customization and development

To stand out in the market, you need to look on a more creative side and what brings out your creativity more than thinking about your store’s new theme. Whether you want to get a new theme developed from scratch or you want to customize your store’s existing theme into a more vibrant one, we got you covered in every way. We are known for providing themes that make an impact. 


Customization takes place when you want to add/remove/shift things like images, videos, sliders, text, badges, links, and many more. Give your customers easy access to everything on your site. Building a theme can help you in many ways such as increasing sales, making your website an attractive one, providing your customers with handy buttons, and much more. 


We will start by listening to the ideas that you have in mind and end by giving a theme that is up to the mark. We, as developers, are known and appreciated for providing themes that stand out. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will build a theme that exceeds your expectations.

Customize Shopify cart page and checkout page

The cart page and checkout page are the two most important pages for a company’s website as they initiate purchase. Having an easy checkout experience for your customers can help you convert your visitors into paying customers. 

Having a fun and unique cart page motivates your customers to buy your products. A fun and unique cart page includes stuff like directly adding a product to your customer’s cart if they shop for a particular value you’ve set. And we have already made an app named “Auto add to cart” that does the same. 

With the help of all these unique apps and features, we want to help you build the website of your dreams. Talk to our developers and tell them all they need to know and with the help of their creative mind and years of experience, they will do absolutely anything to give exactly what you want.

Shopify Plus Scripts

Shopify scripts are a way of getting small customizations in your website to make it function more efficiently. These micro-customizations help you with every need, be it a complex one or a basic one. The show script lets you run complicated scripts in no less than 10ms because of its WebAssembly architecture. The declarative Shopify script APIs are a way to ask for a solution and it will give you the best way of doing it without any errors.                                                                                                                                                                                          

With the help of Shopify scripts you can write your own code. Don’t know how to? Don’t worry how to start user experience will teach you everything from the start to the end. You can also use the Shopify script editor to manage, edit, write, and publish scripts.

Shopify store setup and management

When you need the idea to set up your store or you want to get your store set up, we are here to assist you in both the cases. Keep your competitors behind you by setting up a customer-friendly and innovative store. Our creative minds are best at suggesting the most suitable design for your store. Choosing the right theme for your store is very essential as it is the backbone of your store and shows what your brand is all about.  


Store setup can be a very difficult and confusing process, and we are with you every step of the way. Get the necessary advice for setting up and store design by contacting us and building the best store there is.

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