Give your customers the best subscription plans

The recharge app is your best friend if you want to give your customers subscriptions plans. Let’s look at some of the features of this app to know more:-

    • Automatically track payments and transactions: Easily track customer’s every activity and payment without doing anything.
  • Get the marketing attribution: Connect your recharge app with google analytics to give you precise marketing revenue.
  • Divide your performance into segments: Separating all your payments into different categories will give you quick access to all the information.
  • Rate your site’s performance: You can track your site’s performance by comparing it with the other competitors.

    Put your subscriptions organized and up-to-date


    Get new customers

    Make sure your paying customers become frequent customers by giving them special discounts or offers if they become a subscriber.


    Increase your average order value
    Increase your average order value by giving the customers a package of different products and an incentive following that package.


    Prevent customer churn

    Ease your customer’s subscriber plan by allowing them to pause, skip or cancel the subscription plan.


    Make your customers stick

    An easy shopping experience encourages the customer to stick to your brand for a long time.

    Types of Shopify Recharge subscriptions

    • Replenishment: For regular deliveries, especially made for consumable products like milk, eggs, bread, etc.
    • Curation: You can create a package or combos that your customers might like.

    Access: A membership plan that incentivizes your customers with discounts and offers.

    One stop solution for all your problems

    Having the recharge app on your store can solve almost all the problems that the merchants face and will also give various benefits. From getting more customers to converting the one-time customer into recurring ones, you will get it all with the help of the recharge app.

    Your experience with TechInfini

    With the help of recharge app and TechInfini, you will be able to manage your subscriptions easily.

    • Advanced analytics
    • Optimized conversion rate
    • Independent order management
    • Zero friction checkout

    Get your work done at the lowest price

    We believe that the recharge subscription app will get you all that you want. And to set up the recharge subscription app we are ready to give you all our time and efforts.

    What you get

    • Customizable widget template
    • Subscription setup
    • Marketing
    • Widgets that fit your store perfectly
    • Quick and easy setup
    • Embed app to use in Shopify admin
    • Seamless subscription management
    • Experienced team

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