Migration from Wordpress to Shopify

If you haven’t already migrated to Shopify then you are missing out big time. Migrating to Shopify can be a bit difficult but you don’t have to worry as we will be with you at every step of the way. Our special Wordpress to Shopify migration plan includes everything you need for a smooth migration.

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Difference between Shopify and Wordpress

Built-in analytics

Shopify has a built-in analytics feature that helps you analyze your website’s performance and also saves a lot of money in buying third party analytic tools. Whereas, with wordpress, you will need a third party analytical tool to analyze your website’s performance.

SEO friendly

Wordpress requires a lot of manual SEO and for that you will need to hire a Wordpress expert. And Shopify does not require any manual input. Your SEO ranking can be enhanced by building an SEO friendly website and from that you can drive organic traffic.

What data can be transferred?

CMS pages

  • Title
  • Created date
  • URL
  • Description


  • Title
  • Full description
  • SEO URLs
  • Images

The migration procedure we follow

Migration is a very delicate task, as even the slightest bit of negligence can cause a big trouble to your business. Our team is trained to handle all the information very delicately, and we also suggest you to keep a back-up with you.


  • Discussion sessions
  • We listen to your requirements and evaluate them. After evaluation, we provide you with various alternatives and let you choose the one that you find to be the best fit for your store.


  • Planning and price approval
  • The next step is finalizing the plan, including deadlines and milestones, and the most important factor is cost. We proceed with the finalized plan once we are both on the same page.


  • Project development 
  • Now, we start migrating the store with the help of our team by arranging a meeting with them. In the meeting, all the requirements of the migration process are described to them. Our team follows a proper system to complete the project and this system involves informing the project status to the client at each step.


  • Project submission and post-delivery support
  • We ensure that the Shopify store is fully functional and meets your requirements. At last, we submit the project and get your approval. We take suggestions and questions from the client, as we believe it to be the most important step. After closing the project, we still provide assistance related to that project.

    It is time to migrate your store from Wordpress to Shopify!

    Let’s work together in transferring your store to a more reliable platform, so that you don’t lose potential customers. Our team has a good hang of the migration process as we’ve been doing it for more than 10 years now. Connect with us today and let’s start migrating your store before you lose many clients.

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