The HTML Popup app and all it’s remarkable features
HTML Popup app and all it’s remarkable features
HTML Popup app
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A brief into the HTML Popup app

ShopQR is a robust tool to generate scannable QR codes for products. It will assist you in optimizing conversion rates by directing customers directly to your store.

The app generates QR codes for products that let your customers proceed to checkout just by scanning them. It is best suited for social media marketing and is the best way to promote your products. 

QR codes can be generated for a variety of purposes, including direct access to the product page or the product checkout page. You also get to analyze each QR code to see which one is the most used.

What makes ‘HTML Popup app’ suitable for your store?

We don’t want you to stay behind in this social media driven world and that is why we have developed the ShopQR app for you.

It will give you the benefit of marketing your brand or product through QR codes. You can also check the number of people using the QR codes to land on your store.



  • Attractive look and Feel
  • No Size Limitation
  • Popup display delay setting
  • Best Promotional Box
  • Easy Customization
Frequently Asked Questions

You can link as many social platforms as you want, with the help of the API key settings. There is no limit to the number of social platforms you can display on the login sheet.

Yes, our analytics tool lets you do exactly that and much more. It shows the number of logins through each social platform and also combined logins through all the social platforms.

No, you can disable the ones that you don’t want to be displayed on the login sheet. All the social platforms are by default enabled.

You don’t have to waste your time searching for every customer’s data, our app collects and stores all the data for you to access any of the customer’s information.

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