ADA Compliance

Protect your store from getting sued for not being accessible to all!

You may be at a risk of getting sued and you won’t even know it. It is compulsory for your website to be ADA compliant. ADA refers to Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Designs. If your website is not accessible to differently abled people than a lawsuit can be filed against your company.

By having an ADA compliant website, you will get the following benefits:

  • You won’t get sued for not complying with ADA.
  • You will be able to reach more customers. As of 2023, there are 1.3 billion differently abled people and if you make your website accessible to them, you have a larger base of customers to cover.
  • You will have a loyal customer base, as not many websites are ADA compliant, they will have no other option to go for services.

Types of impairments covered under ADA:-

Here are some examples of impairments and how we will make your website accessible to people with those impairments:-



For people who are visually impaired, we will add some sound effects to your website that will read the information to them and give them instructions to buy products or get services.



For people with hearing impairments, we will add some subtitles or some video in sign language explaining to them all the necessary information.



For people with physical impairments, we can make the website fully operable via keyboard.

Let’s create a website that is accessible to all

By having a website that is not ADA compliant, you are forcing yourself to get a lawsuit filed against you. Let’s get together and build a website that is accessible not only to non-disabled people but also disabled people. Expand your customer base by extending your website’s accessibility to the people with visual, physical, and hearing impairments.

Idea behind an ADA compliant site

  • You should maintain universal content accessibility.
  • Install tools on your websites that help the differently abled.
  • Users should be able to perceive all information on the website.

The experts will make it happen

We will transform your website into one that is ADA compliant.


  • Perceivable
  • Operable
  • Understandable 
  • Robust

Increases website traffic

By giving your website’s access to ordinary people, people with any deformity and people with impairments, will eventually increase your website’s traffic. As you are not only focusing on ordinary people, it opens a window for you to cover a larger customer base.


Reduces the risk of legal actions

According to ADA, your website should be compliant with tools for the differently abled people. A legal action can be taken against you if your website is not ADA compliant and you wouldn’t even know it. So, take matters in your hands and make your website ADA compliant with our help.

Improves brand reputation

You will have a unique reputation in the market, as not all the websites give accessibility to the differently abled. People will have a soft side for you as you’ll be amongst the very few that think of the neglected section of the society.

Helps reach a broader audience

Covering the differently abled amongst the ordinary audience gives you an advantage of covering a broader audience. Having a broader audience will also increase your sales number and profit.

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