Tracking Pixel

Pixel implementation & tracking 
Tracking pixels are small 1x1 graphics that are very useful for tracking various metrics like site conversions, user behavior, website traffic, and many more. 

These tracking pixels are very tiny images embedded into banner ads, emails, etc. to gather important information about users for conducting an in-depth survey. Usually, all the surveys are conducted to achieve the following goals: 

  • Retarget customers who didn’t finish the purchase. 
  • To help the audience become a paying customer.
  • Optimizing your ads to achieve their end-goal.
  • To give users a personalized web-experience.

Having tracking pixels/retargeting pixels/conversion pixels on your website helps you gather following information:

  • The type of device they are using.
  • Their location.
  • The visitors are coming via which paid advertisement.
  • The best time of the day for ROI.
  • The most engaging audience.
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