Bold commerce and all that it has to offer

Integrating bold commerce is the best way to improve your customer’s checkout experience and give them a variety of payment options. The retailers don’t have to worry about the customers abandoning their cart. We will help you build a strong and efficient checkout system so that your business achieves its goals.

Bold commerce integration in your store

It is now time to boost your sales by integrating bold commerce with your store. Bold commerce comes in handy when you need to give your customers a tailored checkout experience. If you want to boost your sales, try customizing the customer’s checkout page with the help of their profile data.

Benefits of having Bold on your website

  • Optimizes conversion rate.
  • Customizable checkout experience.
  • Maximizes checkout completion rate.
  • An upgrade to your native checkout experience.

Bold apps setup

Bold apps and TechInfini together make the best checkout experience for your website. Give us a chance and we will help you with any of the apps mentioned below:-

  • Bold custom pricing: wholesale.
  • Bold subscriptions.
  • Bold upsell- true upsells!
  • XERO SYNC by bold.
  • QUICKBOOKS SYNC by bold.
  • Bold discounts- the sale app.
  • Bold memberships.
  • Bold bundles- product bundle.

Bold app and TechInfini to help you give your customers a tailored checkout experience that’ll boost your conversion rates!

What you get

  • Improves checkout experience.
  • Drives conversions.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Pre-integrated solutions.
  • Drives revenue growth.
  • Increases checkout conversions.
  • All-in-one payments.
  • Easy checkout solutions.
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