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The Facebook like discount app and all it’s remarkable features
Give your customers a discount when they like your facebook page to get both followers and traffic.
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A brief into the Facebook like discount app

Facebook Like Discount app is a simple app that displays the discount popup to the visitor who likes your Facebook page and the customer can use this special discount code while shopping. 

It's a win-win situation for visitors and Shopify store owners as the visitors get discounts and the shopify store owner get both likes on facebook page and website traffic.
The discount coupons are a great way of engaging customers and also keeps the customers happy with your brand.

What makes ‘Facebook like discount app’ suitable for your store?

An all-in-one app that builds your social media presence, gets traffic, initiates CRO on your store and keeps your customers happy. Who wouldn’t want that in their store?

The facebook like discount app is a great way to get the audience from facebook to visit your store. It not only helps you get traffic on your website but also converts the traffic into paying customers. 



  • Get Traffic
  • Increase Conversation Rate
  • 2-in-2 App
Frequently Asked Questions

No, the customer will get a popup after liking the facebook page, in that popup there will be details of the coupon code that the customer can use while shopping.

Yes, you can customize the popup according to the look and feel of your website.

No, you won’t be able to see the terms and conditions. You can only see the terms and conditions at the time of checkout when you will apply the coupon.

Through discount codes you can get a large number of traffic from Facebook.

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