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The Ziplogic - Zipcode validator app and all it’s remarkable features
The ziplogic app is a necessity for every e-commerce store to make the delivery process easier.
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Our Ziplogic app is a one stop destination for you to keep track of all the places you will deliver your product to and for your customers to check whether their destination is the one you deliver your product to.

There are many ways to conduct a delivery check, for example, by restricting the add to cart button if the zip code is a non-deliverable one, by keeping the customers in waitlist for when the zipcode will be open for delivery, by showing delivery time, and much more.

What makes ‘Ziplogic - Zipcode validator app’ suitable for your store?

The ziplogic app comes in handy to tell the customers about the availability of zip code for delivery. With the zipcode check column the customers have a chance to check, and if the product is not deliverable on their zip code, they can make a request to get notified if the zipcode is available in future.



  • Widget on Product Page
  • 2 Zipcode Batch
  • Unlimited Zipocode Search
  • Widget Customization
  • 750 Zipcodes Allowed


  • All Plus Plan Features
  • 10 Zipcode Batches
  • Bulk Zipcode Upload by CSV
  • Zipcode Check Popup
  • Restrict Checkout
  • Custom CSS


  • All Plus Plan Features
  • Unlimited Zipcode Batched
  • Waitlist for Unserviceable Zip
  • Show on Certain Products
Frequently Asked Questions

Easy availability check

Easy availability check

You can enable the wishlist button, so that the customer enters their desired zip code.

You can restrict the add to cart button if you don’t deliver to that zipcode. So, if the customer enters a zip code that you don’t deliver to, they won’t be able to click the add to cart button.

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