A/B Testing

Data driven approach over the traditional approach

The data driven approach is implementing tests on some elements of your website to see what gives better results and not just using the traditional method of guessing or working on assumptions.

Let’s have a look at what A/B testing is!

A/B testing is a method where two variables (page element, web page, etc.) are displayed to different groups. These groups are divided amongst the traffic coming to your website. Some users will see the A variable (original testing variable) and some will be able to see the B variable (new variation of the variable). We will then see which variable has a more positive response. We will then implement the winning variable into the web page.

Key objectives of A/B testing

By conducting these tests we help you grow in the market within 3-4 months of implementing the changes. To improve your overall performance, we will keep an eye on the small things like which variable (web page, page layout, page element) increases your conversion rate.


Improves user experience

By conducting the A/B test, you get to give your visitors a great user experience by looking over their small needs. Those small needs include questions like: Which button does the user like more, does the user need information first or product images first and many more.


Increases conversion rate

Testing to see which attributes bring you more conversions. Improving each and every detail of a web page will increase your conversion rate altogether in the long run.


Continuous improvement and growth

A/B testing, if done from time to time will continuously bring improvement to your site. Growth is a major factor to achieve the goals and A/B testing initiates growth from time to time.

A/B Testing Process

The A/B testing will be conducted by us to promote growth on your website. Our A/B testing process is as follows:-


  • Conduct research: We start by conducting a thorough research of how the website works and performs. The extensive research gives us an insight into the setbacks of the website. We collect all the data from the changes that the website requires to the improvements we can do to get more conversions.

  • Generate variations: After conducting the research, we create the new variations that we think can get you more conversions. 

  • Run tests: When the variations are created, we proceed with the testing part. We create plans to see when the test is going to be conducted and which variation will be displayed at what time. The tests are then conducted according to the plan.

  • Examine results and implement changes: The test results are examined to see which variation is the winner. The attributes of the winner variation will be implemented on the page.

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