Black Friday Cyber Monday pack

Sales are now fun

Grab the Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) pack today and prevent the festive headache. The sale time is fun for customers but is very hectic for the merchants. Worry not, we are here with the BFCM pack to support you at the time of black friday and cyber monday sale. You just have to sit back and enjoy the revenue.

  • Engaging media
  • Irresistible offers
  • 24/7 support
  • Solid BFCM strategy

Shopify BFCM pack with all it’s benefits

Don’t wait till the end to take advantage of the BFCM pack. Start preparing early for the two biggest days with the Carti BFCM pack.


Customize your pack that suits your strategy

We all have a strategy for a smooth execution on the black friday and cyber monday. So, with the carti apps you can customize your pack and include only the services that would help you on those days.

We offer many services and with our expert developers you don’t have to worry about anything. With carti apps, you can enjoy the festivities with a smooth running business on side.

Engaging media to display all the offers

In the market rush and amongst so many offers and sales, you need to stand out amongst everyone so that you have the maximum traffic. One way to do that is with the help of attractive media, which includes banners, photos, video, gifs, and much more. While working with TechInfini, be sure of a remarkable service and some eye catching media.

Offers that are too good to resist

Now that you have hooked your viewers to come visit the store, it is now time to make them purchase something and not just leave the site without purchasing anything. To do that we will help you with your cart setup. 

Giving offers to the customers on their first order or on a minimum cart value, will not only help you increase your average order value but also increase the conversions.

What are you waiting for? Grab the carti apps package today!

24/7 support on the big day

On both the days Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we will be by your side, supporting you through any of the ups and downs that you might face. The TechInfini team is available for you 24/7, so you don’t have to handle anything. 

Hurry now and don’t miss the chance to install the BFCM package on your website!


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