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The Assured badges app and all it’s remarkable features 
Build your customer’s trust in your products with badges.
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A brief into the Assured badges app

The goal of this project is to add/edit/remove trust badges that suit your company’s products. To build a sense of trust in consumers you need to provide them some quality assurance badges, to make them aware of certain schemes you need to give them some discount badges, and many more badges like that. This app allows you to design/add/remove certain badges.                          

What makes ‘Assured badges app’ suitable for your store?

Assured badges are a great way to assure your customers about the authenticity of your products. The badges help build trust amongst the customers which is a great way of optimizing conversion rate.



  • Build Trust
  • Give assurance with Creativity
  • Briefly Describe badges.
  • Custom made badges
Frequently Asked Questions

You can add badges anywhere you like, you have full control over that.

You can only insert 4 badges at a time.

You have access to more than 150 badges for free.

Yes, you have a wide variety of settings to make changes to the badges.

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