-Customized app

Customized app development

We run with a mindset that you should not run your business with limited options, and that’s why we provide you with unlimited ones. We customize apps that are not available on the Shopify store but are a requirement for your store. Our highly experienced app developers are known for their ability to understand your needs and give you the desired result. Sometimes your website requires some additional gateways to be integrated, and we provide end-to-end assistance catering to these integrations.

All these services and you are still bound by the limited options? Let us help you build your dream website. TechInfini offers you custom app development assistance in which we set up an app that is based on your ideas with a slight hint of the developer’s logical mind. Whether you need a custom-built app or you need to integrate gateways such as shipping, payment, APIs, and so on, we are always by your side assisting you.

Site speed and performance
The worst experience you can give your customers is that of a slow-loading website. Get your website to work at lightning speed, and it will bring better engagement. We will track your website’s performance and let you know all the corrections that are to be made. We want your customers to be satisfied with the workings of your website.

Tracking your site’s performance can let you manage the work very efficiently. It gives you a clear understanding of which department requires attention. Get in touch with us, and we will keep track of your website’s performance and speed.

Custom pages

Your website’s pages are the ones that attract customers the most and make them familiar with your brand. If you think you need to get some pages added to your website or if you need to get the existing pages re-designed, we’ve got you covered in every way.

Our experts have designed more than 400 pages, to match the brand and its essence. We will build your page in a way that turns out attractive and yet maintains your SEO rankings.

Custom forms

If you want your customers to get a subscription or hook up to your newsletters, custom forms are going to be your best friend. We will develop forms that are catchy and can get you almost all the information from the client to increase your sales and get more people for custom marketing.

Leave all the form and boring stuff to us, and you only concentrate on getting profits.

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