-Product pages

Customized Shopify Product Pages

The product pages are your brand’s first impression to your customers as they get to know about your product in detail when they land on the product page.  

A good product page motivates the customer to add the product to cart. You need to include the detailed description of the product and with that the product page should also be well designed to give a remarkable user-experience.

These are the few things that we keep in mind while building the product page:-

  • Good quality product videos
  • Accurate shipping information
  • Customer reviews
  • Alluring product images

We are well equipped and experienced to deliver the best services to you. Contact us to discuss further.

-Banners, header & footer

Customized banners, header & footer        
It is important to have a banner that says a lot about the message you want to convey with catchy content and innovative graphics. We suggest you have banners for everything your website provides, such as free shipping banners, discount banners, coupon banners, and many more. Promotional banners drive traffic to your website as they display your brand through attractive graphics and content.


Our creative team puts key attention to detail towards your branding and the products you are offering. By keeping in mind elements such as particular customer segments, festive seasons, special events, offers, etc., and ensure that your banners receive maximum attention from your targeted customers. Henceforth, the purpose of customer engagement and sales increment is achieved.

-Badges and other elements

Customized buttons and badges
Who doesn’t like to see some visual elements while visiting a website? You can tell us what’s on your mind, and we will implement your idea while developing the visual elements. Our goal is to match them with your brand essence and give you remarkable service. Customer feedback often tells us that the final results exceeded the satisfaction criteria, and that builds a bond between the customers and the brand.

Visual elements help in engaging with the customers as you can tell them about your products through banners, by attaching real images of your products, with the help of videos, by adding buttons, inserting icons and badges, and by changing the theme font. We can help you by adding these elements to your website or by developing them for you.

-Navigation and search

Store navigation and search customization

We will build a user-friendly website for you to let your customer search for a product or service they want. Proper navigation will make it easy for your customers to shop on your website. 

It is very important to give the users a great buying experience as it will eventually increase your sales. And what makes the buying experience magnificent is getting proper navigation and search services. 

We are known and experienced enough to give you the best custom navigation and search services.

-Currency selector

Currency converter

If you deliver your products outside of your country or are planning to expand your business into other countries, then this feature will definitely come in handy. 

The currency converter functionality will show the product’s price to visitors in their home currency. It is not at all a good user-experience for your visitors, if they have to calculate the price for the products they need to buy. 

Our expert Shopify developers have been working on the currency converter feature for over 10 years and know their way around it. Get the currency converter integrated in your store today!

-Payment and shipping

Payment and shipping configuration

We often get frustrated when there’s no feasible payment method for a product we want to buy so badly. And we don’t want your customers to go through the same!

Our experts will help you establish as many payment methods as you want and make sure your visitors don’t leave your product at checkout. 

The shipping and payment settings can be a bit tricky if you want to do it properly, but we’ve got you covered. We will enable the settings to increase your sales and improvise user-experience.

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