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The Business listing with contact app and all it’s remarkable features
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A brief into the Business listing with contact app

The goal of this project is to create a public Shopify app that shows the product’s status(whether it is a best selling one or not) on the product page. The app allows you to set a criteria for the app to be displayed as a best selling app if it meets the set criteria. 

Most trending products will be displayed to the user on the website so that they know that the product they are choosing is the most purchased one.

What makes ‘Business listing with contact app’ suitable for your store?

By displaying your best selling products, you get to tell your customers about the growth of your products. It is a sales boosting technique to get your hot selling products a tag for being one, it builds user engagement by reminding them how well your products are selling.



  • Show location of the stores on google map
  • List out your all business locations
  • Contact form for every store
Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the criteria you’ve set, more than one product can be displayed as hot selling.

You are the one that is going to set the criteria, and the product that matches the set criteria will automatically be displayed as a hot selling product.

A product can be displayed hot selling according to the number of times it has been sold within a time period. You have the liberty to choose a number for how many times a product is sold (example 10 times) and the time period (example: a product that has been sold 10 times within 24 hours). You have 4 options to choose the time period: 24 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month.

The ‘Hot selling product’ text can be added only on the product page but anywhere amongst the product details.

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