Shopify Scripts

Personalized shopping experience for your users

We are dedicated to our work in making your company achieve unimaginable heights. You will get to convert your window shoppers into paying customers with the help of shopify scripts.

Time saving

With shopify scripts, you save your time and the cost of hiring someone to do your job for you. 

Personalized user experience

You can create a personalized user experience by giving discounts on items that the user is adding to their cart.

Automatic discounts

You design a code for your customers to give them discounts and offers on your cart.

Enjoy the benefits of various Shopify scripts

For every issue the customer is facing at the time of checkout, we will custom make a script for it. Here are some of the scripts that you can use:-


Free gift with purchase

Your customers will get a free gift if their cart value exceeds a particular amount. You can set the cart value and the product that will be added for free. 

For example, you will get a free scrunchie on purchase of $100.


Free shipping

Shipping charges are usually very high and due to that, the customers may end up not buying your product. Your customers will be eligible for free shipping if their cart value exceeds the set cart value. 

For example, free shipping on orders above $100.


Bundle discount

Bundle discount is when you give a discount to your customers on purchase of a particular bundle of products.

For example, 10% discount on purchase of a shirt, pant, cap and belt.


Buy one get one free

Tempt your customer to buy products from your store with the help of buy one get one free discount. You can enable this discount on specific product collections.

For example, create a collection for the stock you need to clear and when the customer adds 2 products from that collection, they will get one product for free.


Tiered discounts

Tiered discounts are very useful when you want to get orders above the average order value you’ve set. 

For example, if your average order value is $50, you can give discounts like: Get 10% off on a minimum cart value of $55.

Optimize user’s checkout experience

There are ‘n’ number of benefits of opting for Shopify Plus and one of them is the Shopify Script. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits:-


Attracting new customers

You can get new customers by giving them a discount on their first purchase or by offering some other discounts because who doesn’t love discounts.


Minimum threshold discount

Giving a minimum threshold discount helps you in motivating customers to buy more. For example, if you have a customer that has a cart value of $25 and you display a message that says: ‘Add $15 more to avail 10% discount’.


Executing quick sales

The discounts help you get more sales and convert your window shoppers into paying customers.

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