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The Login genie app and all it’s remarkable features
Login process is now much easier with the Login genie app.
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A brief into the Login genie app

LoginGenie - Social Login App is now in the market with all its great features to give your customers a very smooth and hassle-free login experience. This app has so many settings for you to design the login sheet in a way that is user friendly and attractive. 

Your customers are now free from the burden of filling in the long registration form and also don’t have to go through a cumbersome email verification process.

You can give your customers two ways of logging in: through social platforms or through login form. With the help of API key settings you can link as many social platforms as you wish to be displayed in the login sheet.

What makes ‘login genie app’ suitable for your store?

Don’t you also feel frustrated when you have to go through a lengthy login process? The login genie app is the solution, so that your customers don’t have the same experience. 

This app is designed for a convenient login experience for the user, as it gives you a variety of ways to login to the store. Through social platforms, you are only one click away from logging in.



  • 2 Social network at a time
  • 150 Registration/Login per month
  • Automatic code installation
  • Customizable login widget
  • Custom API key option


  • All for plan features plus
  • 20+ Social networks
  • Unlimited Registration/Logins
  • Modal popup login widget
  • Customer list export
  • white labeling
Frequently Asked Questions

You can link as many social platforms as you want, with the help of the API key settings. There is no limit to the number of social platforms you can display on the login sheet. 

Yes, our analytics tool lets you do exactly that and much more. It shows the number of logins through each social platform and also combined logins through all the social platforms.

You don’t have to waste your time searching for every customer’s data, our app collects and stores all the data for you to access any of the customer’s information.

No, you can disable the ones that you don’t want to be displayed on the login sheet. All the social platforms are by default enabled. 

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