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The Reorder and repeat order app and all it’s remarkable features
Allow your customers to quickly reorder from their order history page.
Carti Reorder & Repeat Order
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A brief into the Reorder and repeat order app

This project allows your customers to reorder, cancel order and edit order with a single click. Enhance your business by increasing user engagement. This app gives customers convenience and flexibility to purchase their regular products with just one click. The customers can re-order the whole previous order or customize it and reorder only some products from the previous order.

What makes ‘Reorder and repeat order app’ suitable for your store?

This app is very convenient for the users as it eases the whole ordering process and gives the user a single button for the whole process. 

Now the customer doesn’t have to search for the product, enter the details and proceed to checkout. With just one click on the reorder button, the product will directly move to checkout with all the details you mentioned previously.



  • Reorder Customer Last Order
  • Get More Sale
  • Reorder Previous Order
Frequently Asked Questions

The reorder button will be displayed in the order history page in front of every previous order.

When you click on the reorder button, a popup will appear and the following information will be displayed: Previously ordered product, its price, quantity and subtotal. You can also skip a product from the previous order and also make changes to the quantity.

Yes, You can customize the reorder button in any manner you like. We have a number of settings to customize the button, you can check them in the settings column.

You can also display a notification bar and customize it according to your requirements. Also, in the dashboard you get the following information:-
List of orders that got placed with the help of the reorder button.
Total revenue generated from the reorders
Total clicks on the reorder button
Automatically calculated conversion rate

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