Marketing Automation

Email marketing
In the digital era, email marketing is the oldest and strongest form of marketing. By sending out emails in bulk, businesses get to promote their brand to a large audience with a single format and write-up. There are several ways to communicate with your clients, but to keep in mind the large user base, email is the topmost one. Working with us helps you get the load off of your mind. 

When you decide to get the email marketing service from TechInfini, you receive the following:-

  • You get to design the appearance of your emails.
  • An automatic delivery system ensures you don’t waste your time sending mails.
  • Segment your customers based on the set criteria to be able to send personalized emails.
  • Helps you track customer behavior, revenue, performance, and other metrics.
  • We promise reliable delivery and delivery timing.
  • Decide how many subscribers you need to send emails to.

Campaign management

Marketing campaigns are prepared to convince the viewers to buy a product or service through mediums like emails, giveaways, surveys, print materials, social media, and such other resources. 

Whole idea behind creating a marketing campaign is to make the customer realize that the problem they are facing will be easily solved with their product/service. 


There are numerous types of marketing campaign, and they are as follows:-

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. Product marketing
  4. Content marketing
  5. Brand development marketing


Managing a campaign can be a very difficult task especially when it comes to marketing campaigns for a new product/service or company. We are all too trained with a team of well versed employees to give you the best campaign management service that will not only drive traffic to your website but also convert them into paying customers.


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