Flow Based A/B Testing

Display the best

With the help of A/B testing, you can display the best variation amongst many. The one that gives you most traffic will be the variation displayed on your website.

Identify your website’s weakness and let us help you implement the necessary changes into your store for better ROI.

Does your website need A/B testing?

Get higher conversion rates

If you think you don’t have enough conversions on your website, then you must try doing A/B testing to see what are the pain points of your website that are preventing people from taking actions. At TechInfini we will help you perform the test on various platforms and assure you great results.

Lower bounce rates

It is very important for the customers to stay on the website for long, so that they explore the time and effort we’ve put in content, media, and everything else. A/B testing helps you scratch out the weaknesses which are making the customer leave and will also help you in figuring out what it is that makes the customer stay.

Anything can get tested

When we talk about A/B testing, we not only mean testing the layout. A/B testing lets you test anything and everything. Food example, images, text, forms, CTAs, buttons, form length, etc.

Our A/B testing process


  • Conduct research: We start by conducting a thorough research of how the website works and performs. The extensive research gives us an insight into the setbacks of the website. We collect all the data from the changes that the website requires to the improvements we can do to get more conversions.


  • Generate variations: After conducting the research, we create the new variations that we think can get you more conversions. 


  • Run tests: When the variations are created, we proceed with the testing part. We create plans to see when the test is going to be conducted and which variation will be displayed at what time. The tests are then conducted according to the plan.

Examine results and implement changes: The test results are examined to see which variation is the winner. The attributes of the winner variation will be implemented on the page.

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