CRO Analysis

Implementing CRO practices on your Shopify eCommerce store
Conversion rate optimization is recognizing what makes a customer buy a product and implementing the same ideas on other buyers. Understanding various variables brought into attention by the experiments as to which departments require attention. We will help you conduct the survey and make the necessary corrections required for the store.

User survey

We first start by conducting an in-depth user-survey in order to give the visitors a great user experience. From listening to their queries to solving them, we will help you with everything. 

Valuable insights

The survey gives you a better insight on what your customers want, which crowd to target, what to write to attract the customers and much more.

Increased user engagement

When a visitor opens your website and starts adding products to the cart that is called engagement. After engagement if the user buys the product, then it is called conversion. So, in order to achieve the end result that is optimizing conversion rate, you need to start building user engagement.

Grow your business by implementing CRO practices
When you establish a site, you need to keep in mind all the things that would make the purchase process easy for customers. You can make it happen by conducting experiments and analysis on what the improvements can be. Conversions are a great way to boost your sales numbers, and with conversion rate optimization, you can make it easy for your customers to make a purchase decision.


The CRO process:-

Audience survey

When we talk about optimizing your website’s conversion rate, surveys tend to be the best way to do so. We get to know so much about the customer and the changes we need to make in order to get more sales.


Optimizing your website may include practices like, 

  • Enhancing your site’s security.
  • Reducing the page loading time.
  • Pre-fill customer’s information.
  • Position the CTAs at the right place.
  • Make your online store SEO friendly.
  • Offer 24/7 live chat support.


A/B testing

We conduct an A/B test for your website to see if the previous version is getting more conversions or the new/improved version is getting more conversions. We implement all the changes of the version that takes your web metrics to a great level.



Use softwares like google analytics to measure the number of conversions you are getting. Then, calculate the conversion rate by comparing the google analytics result with the amount of traffic you are getting.


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